Express Emotion Through Creative Film  

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There is an art to storytelling that only beautiful, personalized film can display. 

From long videos to short productions, the team at Silver Fox is experienced in coordinating, producing, reporting, shooting, and delivering various types of film content. Some of the types of clients we have worked with include: 

  • SONY: TV commercials, digital signage contents, digital billboards
  • Discovery Channel: documentaries
  • Asahi Television: Sunday Station, Super J Channel, Good! Morning
  • Fuji Television Networks: Mezamashi TV, Tokudane!, FNN Live News days, Chokugeki Live Goody, FNN Live News it!, FNN Live News a, FNN news
  • TBS: Gutto Luck!
  • Yahoo! Japan
  • Real estate agents

SONY Presents DinoScience Ads in Tokyo, Japan. July 2021 (for SONY)

Digital signage ads in Tokyo & Yokohama.
The footage was filmed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Triceratops HIRO assembled in Japan is on the SONY vision in Shibuya, Tokyo. Also aired at Yokohama, Shin Yokohama, Minatomirai, and Sakuragicho Stations.

【JETRO Global Eye】米国の日本食と小売り ‐コロナ禍での市場トレンド

JETRO Global Eye- “Market trends in Japanese food and retail in the US during the pandemic”

Filmed in Whites, Georgia for “Discovery Channel” Japan


We create movies and documentaries that are authentic and resonate with your audience. Every cut and clip is perfectly captured and narrated to keep the viewers captivated from the opening scene to the closing credits.   Our movie, TV, and the documentary team has the experience, equipment, and expertise to bring your vision to life in a way you can be proud of every time you see it.

Documentary filmed in Georgia during the Lock-down due to covid-19 in 2020.

Drone footage for “Speed-golf Tournament” 2017-2018-2019 (BS Fuji) [Ibaragi, Japan] 

Drone footage for television drama series “Sorewa Aito Machigaeru kara” (WOWOW Cable Network) [Tokyo, Japan] 

Television Series – “Yaseibakudan Cookie No Chukosha Hunter Arashi” (Discover Channel Japan) [Tokyo & Kanagawa, Japan] 

“Run For Money” (Fuji TV) Drones were used as a part of the search mission during the game show. [Tokyo, Japan] 

“Battle for Money” (Fuji TV) Drone footage for a 4 hour game show. [Chiba, Japan]