See what our clients have to say about working with Silver Fox Production ATL, Inc.

DJ Pierre / Phuture

“As an artist myself, I know the visual element is very important and it’s an extension of what I do! 

Seeing a captured moment of my work and how it’s impacting me and the people sharing in my performance is precious. … Read more

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Aya Sugimoto (Actress)

The Juridical Foundation Animal Environment & Welfare Association Eva carries out various activities to realize animal welfare in Japan. It was Hiro who took the photos for our first charity calendar made in support of these efforts.… Read more

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Chanda Leigh (Singer)

Hiro Sato is a kind soul who looks deeply into the reflection of his camera’s lens and finds beauty in it.

Whether it’s a headshot, as he has done for me and my daughter, or an action shot, he leans into the lens and focuses on the beautiful story.… Read more

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Aiko Ohbuchi (Lawyer)

Photos and videos can have much more power than words as means of expression.

As soon as I started having Hiro take my photos, I noticed a difference in the way people reacted.… Read more

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